Carlos Alcaraz This Friday he was one of the happiest people in the world after his passage to the final of Roland Garros. The Murcian had endured standing the tough resistance of the Italian Jannik Sinner.

Broken. “You have to know how to enjoy suffering and I have talked about it many times with my team. It has been one of the hardest matches of my career and both have been with Jannik at the US Open and today. It means how good he is.”

Situaci�n f�sica. “I saw that he had physical problems. We both had cramps, but I learned from last year’s semifinal with Djokovic.”

Spanish victories in Paris. “It is a tournament in which Spanish tennis players have had a lot of success and I want to leave my mark on that list.”

Memories of Roland Garros. “When I left school I ran home to watch the tournament.”

10 matches won out of 11 played in five sets. “It’s a little bit of everything. In a fifth set you have to leave everything on the court. This is not the time to show weakness and that you are tired. The fatigue is there, but you have to bring out everything you have inside.

If the other wants to beat me, he will have to play at a very high level. “I play with that statistic.”

Murcia success. “I hope I can bring victory on Sunday on the day of the Region of Murcia.”

Recovery after the game. “I cycled for 20 minutes. Then I looked at the phone, and then the contrast baths, hot and cold water, and I ate.”

Final. “I always say the same thing: the finals are there to be won.”

Head, heart and balls. “I have been positive the entire time, strong in the head, I have not gone away at any time. It is a pride not to stumble over the same stone. The three Cs have been the same.”

The youngest in ‘Grand Slam’ finals on three surfaces. “I knew it because at the end of the game, I looked at my phone. I feel more comfortable on hard, but I grew up on the ground. I keep my head, my heart and the rest in mind. I have always “I want to be one of the best in the world. And that means being successful on all surfaces. My tennis adapts to all courts.”

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