‘Survivors’ It is a program that puts the contestants to the limit. The participants suffer for several weeks from lack of food, stress and physical and mental exhaustion to win and get a check of 200.000 euros.

There are several former contestants who have shown their discomfort with the format. The last one has been Veronica Romero, that was left in second position in the 2006 edition, whose winner was Carmen Russo.


The finalist of the first edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’ has spoken about her time on the program in the podcast ‘Me missing street’: “I entered ‘Survivors’, but it was rigged. That was unfair, you can’t always win with 90-odd percent of the votes. I just know there are things I can’t say, but I did not like anything. It’s true and I know it sounds bad, but I don’t care.”

Verónica has assured that controversy was generated: “You don’t know what happened on the Telecinco set, It’s just that no one knows except those who were in there. They had to throw an entire stand of fans into the street, because “he got involved there with boos.”

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