Camila Giorgithe Italian tennis player who He retired mysteriously at 32 years old after being accused of fleeing to the United States due to non-payments and stealing antique furniturehas reappeared two months later to show his more than 740,000 followers on Instagram his new life.

The former tennis player, who became number 26 in the world, reappeared on her social networks to publish three images in her ‘stories’ in which she shows how she is.

In one of her latest interventions on social networks Camila Giorgi published that “There are many falsehoods about me. But I confirm it: I am retiring”.

Camila Giorgi is being investigated by the Italian treasury

After his mysterious retirement announcement ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ reported that the Guardia di Finanza is investigating Camila Giorgi for “vacuums” in her fiscal responsibilities.

Investigators believe that Giorgi, who is immersed in a judicial process in Vicenza for a case of fake Covid vaccines with the singer Madame, left Europe and moved to the United States.

He ‘Corriere della Sera‘ reports that Camila Giorgi “ran away and took some antique furniture valued at around 100,000 euros” and did not pay six months’ rent for a villa in Calenzano (near Florence).

The owner of the villa denounced ‘The Republic’ that “they made half of our furniture disappear. Persian rugs, fine furniture and even a half-ton antique table. We are talking about losses between 50 and 100 thousand euros.”

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