lselection Spanish XV sub 20 has fallen on the third and final day of the group stage of the World championship of the category before New Zealand 45-13. The match was marked by heavy rain that forced the referee, Reuben Keaneto suspend the match after the break.

New Zealand took to the grass of the Danie Craven Stadium looking for their place in the semi-finals for the title and before the 10th minute Cooper Grant y Joshua Smith They had already found the Spanish brand area. Despite the great Kiwi start, Los Leones sub 20 managed to open their scoreboard in their first possession in 22 opposite, gracias to a punishment blow transformed by Gonzalo Otamendiafter a great play by Javier López from Haro.

Gonzalo Otamendi, in action against New ZealandNic Bothma/World Rugby.

The All Blacks U20s would win the title again domain of the oval and would achieve two more marks, through Mosese Bason and Tom Allen. Later, Spain took advantage of the mistakes from the hands of New Zealand, caused by the intense rain and the defending Spanish, to score his only try through Víctor Ofojetwho pressed a kick from Gonzalo Otamendi who failed to receive the ocean wing, King Maxwell.

A punishing blow from Otamendifor Spain, and the essays of Lolofie, Bason and Vaenuku, for New Zealand, they closed the score in 45-13 to rest. Daniel’s injury Velasco in the 32nd minute, due to a tackle without the ball, it was the worst news of the last stretch of the game, which ended Ricardo’s team Martin’s with one man less for a yellow one Ofojet.

Javi López de Hadro, in action against New ZealandNic Bothma/World Rugby.

At half-time the referee, the Australian Reuben Keanedecided together with the organization, to consider it finish it due to the intense rainwith the aim of preserving the integrity physics of the players. With this result, Spain avoids Georgia in the semi-finals novena World Rugby U20 Championship position and will play against Italia next Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

NEW ZEALAND 45-13 SPAIN. Group stage of the M20 World Cup 2024 Tuesday 07/09/2024. Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Referee: Reuben Keane (OUT OF).

New Zealand: 1. Senio SANELE, 2. A-One LOLOFIE, 3. Joshua SMITH, 4. Tom ALLEN, 5. Cameron CHRISTIE, 6. Andrew SMITH, 7. Matt LOWE, 8. Mosese BASON, 9. Ben O’DONOVAN, 10. Cooper GRANT, 11. Frank VAENUKU, 12. Xavi TAELE ©, 13. Xavier TITO-HARRIS, 14. King MAXWELL, 15. Isaac HUTCHINSON. Also: 16. Manumaua LETIU, 17. Sika UAMAKI, 18. Will MARTIN, 19. Tai CRIBB, 20. Jeremiah COLLINS, 21. Riley WILLIAMS, 22. Rico SIMPSON, 23. Aki TUIWAILALA.

Spain: 1. Alberto GOMEZ, 2. Pau MASSONI, 3. Guido REYES, 4. Martín SERRANO, 5. Antonio GAMEZ, 6. Víctor OFOJETU, 7. Daniel VELASCO, 8. Valentino RIZZO, 9. Javier LÓPEZ DE HARO, 10. Gonzalo OTAMENDI, 11. Roberto PONCE, 12. Yago FERNÁNDEZ ©, 13. Unax ZURIARRAIN, 14. Javier GUILLERMO, 15. Gabriel ROCARIES. Also: 16. David GALLEGO, 17. Hugo GONZÁLEZ, 18. Aniol FRANCH, 19. Adam LLINARES (x7, Min 32), 20. Nicolás MOLETI, 21. Nicolas GALI, 22. Luciano RICHARDIS, 23. Julien BURGUILLOS.

Highlighter: Min 3 Cooper rehearsal GRANT 5-0 // Min 3 Joshua’s rehearsal SMITH and tr of Isaac HUTCHINSON 12-0 // Min 12 Penalty blow from Otamendi 12-3 // Min 15 Mosese rehearsal BASS and ts of Isaac HUTCHINSON 19-3 // Min 19 Tom’s rehearsal ALLEN and tr of Isaac HUTCHINSON 26-3 // Min 23 Victor’s rehearsal Ofojet and tr de Gonzalo Otamendi 26-10 // Min 27 A-One rehearsal LOLOFIE 31-10 // Min 31 Gonzalo punishment blow Otamendi 31-13 // Min 35 Yellow to Victor I’m driving // Min 36 Mosese rehearsal BASS and tr of Isaac HUTCHINSON 38-13 // Min 40 Frank’s rehearsal VAENUKU and tr of Isaac HUTCHINSON 45-13.

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