Scottie Scheffler He is living, without a doubt, the strangest hours of his life. The world number 1, winner of the Augusta Masters – the first major of each season – this same year, has arrived at the facilities of the Valhalla Golf Club, home of the PGA Championshipto play the second round of the tournament after being arrested this morning for skipping a police checkpoint.

Scheffler, who has even been immortalized with the classic orange uniform that distinguishes detainees in the United States, was handcuffed after an incident with an officer from the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (Kentucky, USA) for not stopping his vehicle when required while entering the venue where the tournament is being held.

The golfer, who On the first day of the tournament he signed a card of 67 strokes (-4), is accused of “second-degree assault on a police officer, third-degree property damage, reckless driving and ignoring the signals of the officer directing traffic” and could be sentenced to up to 90 days. prison cells. The incident occurred around 07:30 local time (1:30 p.m., Spanish time).

According to ESPN, when Scheffler finally stopped his vehicle and rolled down the window, The agent opened the door by putting his arm inside, took out the golfer and put the handcuffs on him..

Upon recognizing the ESPN journalist, Scheffler said: “Can you help me?” To which the police officer told him: “He needs to get out of the way. Right now, he’s going to jail and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Scheffler was finally released under parole and arrived at the Valhalla Golf Club facilities at 9:12 a.m. local time (3:12 p.m. Spanish time).

A fatal accident

Strict police control was brought about by the fatal hit-and-run of a person by a bus while crossing Shelbyville Road around 5 in the morning, which also caused the start of the second day to be delayed by 80 minutes. A decision that may have indirectly favored Scheffler.

I never intended to ignore any of the instructions. I hope to put this aside and focus on golf today

Scottie Scheffler

The player himself wanted to explain what happened through a statement made public by the PGA Tour: “This morning I was proceeding according to the instructions of the police officers. It was a very chaotic situation, which is understandable considering the tragic accident that had happened before, and there was a huge misunderstanding about what I thought I was being asked to do.“.

“I never intended to ignore any of the instructions. I hope to put this aside and focus on golf today. Of course, all of us involved in the tournament express our deepest condolences to the family of the man who died in the accident this morning. It really puts everything into perspective.“added the world number 1.

Scheffler finally left today at 16:08 Spanish time, focusing more than ever all the eyes of the world of golf. It’s time to see how he now manages everything he experienced in the last few hours, but On his first hole he made a birdie…

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