Fue the selection feminine Spain closed with a defeat and a victory after evident improvement on the first day of the HSBC Sevens Finals at the Civitas Metropolitano in Madrid.

The team that María trains Ribera and Albert Soc�as He once again showed, in the first match, his trouble scoring and, in a very close match that was as tense as those in the Olympic form of rugby usually are, he fell. 7-12 before China. In a second, released of the tensions, they did play with determination and beat Poland by 45-0which in theory allows us to avoid the last place in the classification group

The Lionesses of Seven played against China with concentration and deliveryand also with some nerves which cost two yellow cards and therefore two inferiorities numerical. His defense, even with one or two less women on the grass, was buenabut only in of the They found chances and took advantage of an interval over the solvent rival defense. The Chinese, with a New Zealand coach and from the Challenger Serieshave shown themselves to be a very solid team that closes the first phase with two wins.

In the first, Anne Fern�ndez de Corres put Spain ahead after Amaia’s breakup Erbina. In the second there was indecisi�n between looking for support or going directly to the try line and the opportunity was lost. China scored before half-time through Yan Meiling and in the second half with Liu Xiaoquian.

Against Poland there were no nerves or doubts when looking for the try line. An initial try by Marta Cantabrana opened the scoring and another by Paula Requena calmed down the score.. Juana Stella, Jimena Blanco-Hortiguera, Amaia and Lide Erbina and Cristina L�pez The rest of the trials were added. Juana’s foot Stella added four points and Cristina’s L�pez.

Espa�a jugar� ma�ana s�bado con Jap�nin search of the clash of rooms of final in which the permanence in the highest category of the Olympic rugby category. The Japanese, who have been ahead of Spain in the World Series standings, started with 32-0 against the Poles but then They were surprised by China: a 17-14 that puts at least second place in the group within Spain’s reach.

The rival will come from Group A, in which the first matches have shown great differences in level: Brazil y Sud�frica have shown themselves to be clearly superior to Argentina y B�lgica, with respective victories of 31-12 and 45-5 and 24-7 and 40-7. A victory against Jap�n It would allow Spain to start with theoretical favoritism in the quarterfinal clash.

In the competition for the title, France I hit 36-7 to Fiji in a clash between the respective silver and bronze at Tokyo 2020. Australia He showed himself at a high level, defeating Ireland 33-14.

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