EIt’s very difficult to succeed in the world of sports. Many people stay trying, and many others, once they arrive, do not know how to sustain themselves. That is why the figure of Diego Forl�nwho after a long and successful career in football, now he has found a second youth with a racket in his hand.

The former Atlético or Villarreal player, among many others, is playing the MT1000 in Lima this week, where they have already reached the quarterfinals. It is his first tournament outside his country, after playing three tournaments in Montevideo.

From what can be seen in several videos that have been leaked on social networks, Diego’s right hand would be signed by many professionals, being the 15th seed in the tournament. In the first three rounds they have devastated their rivals, giving up only nine games in three matches, and currently occupy 438th place in the ranking of players over 45 years old.

A hobby that runs in the family

Many may wonder why Forl�n suddenly plays tennis, but the reality is that he shares interests with his father. In fact, his paths are very similar in that regard, since Both were soccer players and then moved on to the king of racket sports. Since he was little, Diego trained with his father, but in his adolescence he had to prioritize soccer to dedicate himself to it professionally.

My father started playing tennis after retiring at 41, and I have been playing since I was 2.

Diego Forl�n, former soccer player

After his retirement in 2019, after a career in football at the level of very few, he decided to return to his other passion, debuting as a professional in July 2023. “My father played soccer and after retiring at 41 he started playing tennis. I started at 2. “Then it is already known that I dedicated myself to football before dedicating myself to this sport as often as I do now,” he declared.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that Forl�n is left-handed in tennis, the other way around with his legs, his right being the most important. However, as he himself has said, many of The victories he ends up achieving due to his physical conditionsuperior to most people his age.

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