Tsitsipas summarized in the press room the sensations when he has Alcaraz as a rival: “Every time I play against Carlos something happens to me that doesn’t happen against other rivals. I can’t find a way to counteract his tennis. I’ve never felt like that. Only one or two players have ever done the same thing to me as Carlos. It’s like they’re doing voodoo on me. I can’t put the ball where I want. I need to cross that mental barrier and beat him sometime.

His frustration was evident after falling to the Murcian in three sets: “I felt good, I was playing great tennis and I was coming in with confidence. I was having a great upward trend, with sensations that I had never experienced before in this tournament. I was convinced that, this time, I could hurt Carlos, but “The kid is too good. I can only congratulate him on how well he plays. I wish him all the best because every time we play, he shows me how much I have to improve as a tennis player.”

His praise for Carlos Alcaraz was more than evident: “He is able to control the ball spectacularly, he changes directions with ease. The way he builds points reminds me a little of Djokovic, it is incredible how he uses his intelligence at a tactical level. He has answers for everything, you have to do the right things. things very well against him, it is very difficult to face him.

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