Paula Badosa She lost this Saturday in the third round of Roland Garros against Aryna Sabalenka. At the conclusion, the Catalan tennis player reflected on the match.

Balance. “A year ago, I was on the couch watching the matches on TV. I’m happy with my first set and my overall performance in the tournament.”

I’m on the road, but miracles don’t exist

Progresi�n. “I’m on the path. In Rome, I lost with three and today with two. Miracles don’t exist. I wish I were in the semifinals. The level is there.”

Mixed doubles. “It’s not easy, but we have to get up and keep going. I’ll try to enjoy the mixed game, it’s a nice opportunity to play doubles with someone you love.”

Eight games in a row against. “What has happened is that I have had winners everywhere. And I went down a little and it has been noticed.”

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