Juan Carlos Ferrero He has molded the figure of Carlos Alcaraz until he became a great champion. The former world number one, at the conclusion of training on Thursday, reviewed the most notable aspects about his pupil.

If he plays at his level we know that he can win any tournament

Game moment. “If he plays at his level, we know that he has a chance of winning any tournament he plays in.”

Favoritism. “Both have left some clay tournaments to play due to their injuries. They are quite tied in terms of favoritism. Jannik has improved a lot on this surface, in his variety in the game. Before he played more shots , he made few climbs to the net, few drops, he has evolved and trains for it.

Relationship with your player. “The relationship is still very close. It can differ at times of the day. Sometimes I am a coach, sometimes a friend and I leave the father’s thing to his father.”

First memory of Sinner. “He had just won three tournaments and he thought he was going to excel and it was like that. It was a first contact, Carlos was in full construction. The day before he had won the academy’s junior tournament.”

Strategy in the semifinal. “If you don’t have a clear idea there are more complications. He knows how to play and so does Jannik. We have an idea.”

Maturity. “At 21, no one was mature. He still needs to, because Carlos is very young.”

Injury to the forearm. “An injury like that is never good because our clay season has been broken. I would say that he has 95% confidence with his right foot, he doesn’t hit it with complete naturalness. In the conditions in which he has come, he is “at a great level and I hope it ends the level we already know about.”

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