Pto understand the success of Carlos Alcaraz You have to know all the men behind it, how they work and the function of each one of them inside and outside the four walls of the Ferrero Tennis Academy.

The tennis player went up to the Philippe Chatrier front row bench, as tradition dictates, to hug his entire team. His trainer Juan Carlos Ferreroyour agent Albert Molinayour physiotherapist Juanjo Morenoyour physical trainer, Alberto Lled�and his doctor Juanjo L�pez. Without forgetting that Álvaro Alcaraz, the tennis player’s brother, acts as his sparring partner.

All of them form the strong core of the big three champion. Ferrero, former world number one, completes his sixth season directing the Murcian phenomenon.

The tennis player’s successes would not be understood without his constant evolution alongside Juanqui and the appropriate instructions in the transcendental moments of the matches.

Alcaraz: “When I was little I ran out of school to see Roland Garros and now I lift the trophy”

Juanjo Moreno is the physiotherapist who knows every inch of the Roland Garros champion. He is his shadow before and after games and takes care of his diet during tournaments.

Alberto Lled�, the physical trainer, began traveling full time since last February. A student of the subject always has a book in hand to continue evolving.

Juanjo L�pez is the trusted doctor. In addition to nutrition, take care of recovery and rest hours. He supervises any medical test performed on Alcaraz, regardless of the part of the world in which it occurs.

Albert Molina has been the tennis player’s super agent since he discovered him when he was 13 years old.. All contracts and the player’s image go through him. It has turned Carlitos into a global icon, prioritizing the international prestige of companies, the values ​​it exudes, with links to tennis and a long-term signature that can accompany you throughout your career.

Alcaraz is crowned at Roland Garros: a direct end to the history of Spanish sport

Alcaraz is linked to top, premium brands and is associated with Rolex (watches), BMW (cars) or Louis Vuitton (fashion). The streaming platform Netflix is ​​filming a docuseries about Carlitos.

Three of the sponsors of the new Roland Garros champion appear on the caps that his team wears in their matches: Isdin, El Pozo and BMW.

Double units

No player on the circuit has a bench capable of doubling units like Alcaraz’s. And they also travel punctually with Carlitos the experienced coaches Antonio Mart�nez Cascales and Samuel L�pez. This circumstance occurs when Ferrero rests.

In Spain there is another physical trainer like �lex S�nchez, another physio, Fran Rubio, and the psychologist, Isabel Balaguer. This is how you build a number one.

In all the snapshots his father Carlos always appears, following him wherever he goes. He is the voice of experience. In addition, he is a former tennis player and coach and the one who introduced his son to the sport of racket at the Real Sociedad Club de Campo de El Palmar.

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