UA picture is worth 1,000 words. Australian Open players restaurant. Tennis players line up to choose food from a splendid buffet in which nothing is missing. Novak Djokovic takes out a container in which only white rice can be seen.

It is the diet that number 1 follows and that has led him to live a second youth at 37 years old.. Djokovic started winning when he met the Serbian nutritionist, Igor Cetojevic, who recommended gluten-free food without having to be celiac. Vegetables, white meat, fish, fruit, nuts, chickpeas and lentils are part of the daily life of the 24 grand champion.

“Suddenly there was an X factor, a change in my diet that allowed my body to perform as it should,” Nole wrote in the book Serve to Win. Alcaraz has been following a similar gluten-free diet for a year. He is faithful to her in tournaments and also when he is at his house in El Palmar. Her mother Virginia prepares pasta for everyone and gluten-free for Carlitos.

Everything arose after an analysis suggested by Juanjo Moreno, his physiotherapist and a great student of the subject.. In the last big one in Melbourne it was Abel Lusaowner of the Cambio de Tercio restaurant, who prepared some special dishes for the young man: “We made potato omelette, crunchy avocado and salmon tacos, and tuna belly carpaccio.“.

These days in Paris, the man from Murcia has taken a gastronomic tour. From L’Avenue, passing through the Caf� di Roma, the Siena, to Gigi, the venue chosen by Mbapp� to say goodbye to his PSG teammates. The tennis player never forgets the habits that have taken him to the top at the age of 21.

Alcaraz’s European dirt tour has been conditioned by a forearm injury. He missed Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome. Before, she had a sprained ankle in Rio. “I ask my team why. I ask them but why if I’m doing things well: I’m sleeping well, I’m eating well, I’m training well and the injuries come. I’m 20 years old and my body is not � done,” he reflects.

This Tuesday, in the night session, last year’s quarters with Stefanos Tsitsipas are repeated.

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