Carlos Alcaraz He has already played five matches at Roland Garros, two of which were in the night session, with all that that entails due to the time after the duel that is needed for recovery. That is why the tennis player prefers to play during the day than at night.

It’s not because of the people, but we finished very late, we have to do press, then physio, ice bath… We have to do many things to recover for the next game. I’m sure Djokovic went to sleep at six in the morning“, he argues. Carlitos refers to the third round of number 1 with Lorenzo Musetti that ended at 03:07 minutes.

Juanjo L�pez, Murcia’s doctor, tells MARCA what the Murcian’s subsequent hours are like until he goes to bed. “Five minutes in hot water and two and a half minutes in cold water. It is for muscle recovery. This leads to relaxation for the athlete and sleeps better.“, account.

As far as food is concerned, “a load of carbohydrates and proteins to recover, whether pasta or a piece of fish.”

Alcaraz likes to eat sushi the day before games: “It’s loaded with carbohydrates and, at the same time, it’s a light meal. It’s well digested. He likes Japanese food and we all like it. Some Sometimes we go to Italian restaurants, then we order a risotto and a fish. It’s something similar to sushi.

Juanjo Moreno, the two-time major champion’s physiotherapist, needs an hour to do a muscle treatment on the tennis player: “He is treated with warm, dim light and from there he goes to sleep.”

Controlled fasciitis

Carlitos suffered from plantar fasciitis, a mystical basketball injury, which has been controlled over time. “You’ve been wearing the insoles for a long time, what happens is that you have to make adjustments because the demands change, you can have some type of new injury and the shoes change.”

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