Carlos Alcaraz’s sporting ambition has no limits. That is why, at 21 years and 36 days old, he does not rule out going for any of the great tennis records even knowing the difficulty.

Alcaraz won his third ‘Grand Slam’ title on Sunday, just 27 days apart from when Rafael Nadal won his third major title, which was also in the land of Paris, in 2007. The Murcian is at the pace of 22 majors.

You have to be extraordinary and an extraterrestrial to reach 24 majors and 14 Roland Garros

On the horizon are Novak Dokovic’s 24, the record number, and Nadal’s 14 Roland Garros crowns: “Both figures are out of the ordinary. Both of them have to be extraordinary and an extraterrestrial to achieve it. What Rafa has done here, winning 14 times, is something practically impossible and winning 24 Grand Slams is “I wish I could do it, but it’s almost impossible.”

Djokovic, a title at his age and Federer none

At Carlitos’ age, Djokovic, the man who brings together most of the big brands in racket sport, He had only one major on his record, which was the 2008 Australian Open..

For its part, Roger Federer still had no important titles. The first ‘Grand Slam’ for him came on the grass at Wimbledon, in 2003, about to turn 22 years old.

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