Carlos Alcaraz He qualified for the eighth time in his career to the quarterfinals of a ‘Grand Slam’ tournament. This Tuesday, with many options of it being a night session, he will meet Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Greek will not rest this Monday because he is scheduled to make his mixed doubles debut with his partner, the Spanish Paola Badosa.

Play the mixed one. “I personally have to put myself in the situation of having a girlfriend. It would be complicated. Mixing personal and professional life, I would look at the professional part. Stefanos is physically well. If he sees that it suits him, Go ahead. If I had a girlfriend and she asked me to play the mixed game, I would have to evaluate many things to be able to decide. If everything is good, why not.”

Aim. “A quarterfinal is a good result, but if I stayed with that it would be mediocre. And what I am looking for is to win the tournament and everything that is not winning would be a bittersweet taste. You have to value the results, the quarterfinals , the semifinals, but we always want more.”

Night session. “I don’t like the sessions. It’s not because of the people, but we finished very late, we have to do press then isio, ice bath… We have to do a lot of things to recover for the next match. I’m sure Djokovic “He went to sleep at six in the morning. The best thing is to finish at six in the afternoon and have dinner in a good restaurant.”

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