Unot one of the most recognizable places in London It’s the ‘Tower Bridge’. That’s where it’s gone Roger Federer to promote the documentary ‘The Last 12 Days’, which premieres this Thursday, June 20 worldwide on Amazon Prime Video.

On the famous bridge you can see the 20 grand champion ‘playing’ against himself, with two facing images of the tennis player on the circuit and another from when he was a child.

Federer, the king of marketing, has once again stood out despite having already been retired from the slopes for two years. The Swiss remains the highest-paid tennis player in the world thanks to his advertising contracts with brands such as Uniqlo, Rolex and Mercedes.

Roger plans to spend many days in London as he will attend the next edition of Wimbledon (July 1 to 14) with his wife Mirka and their four children.

Appointment with the Third Change

In fact, the player from Basel was already in the British capital last week to promote his documentary and I took the opportunity to go to dinner at the Spanish restaurant Cambio de Tercio, the favorite of Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz.

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