EIn an emotional ceremony, a total of 52 young students have graduated from the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar thus ending his academic and tennis stage at the Campus located in Manacor. As is tradition, Rafa Nadal presided over the ceremony and has addressed families, teachers and young students with an inspiring message.

“A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit the Italian Dolimites with a good friend and rival, Roger Federer. And there in the mountains we had a very interesting conversation about a word that seems very important to me: Legacy.

Rafa Nadal School Graduation: “The important thing is that you be your best version”

Both Roger and I agreed on something that seemed extremely important to us. How do we want to be remembered in a few years? How do we want future generations to see us? And we were both very clear about the answer. Yes, it is very good that they recognize our successes, our titles and our records. But that is something temporary since, throughout history, it is likely that others will arrive and surpass it.

The important thing is what remains forever in the memory. And that’s why both Roger and I agree that we would like to be remembered as good people. We live in a society that emphasizes WHAT and NOW above all else. But I want to emphasize the importance of HOW. When you are at university or on the tennis courts, ask yourself from time to time, how would I like to be remembered by my classmates? By my teachers? For my friends? Now that the word is very fashionable, I could tell you to try to be INFLUENCERS in your environment, but I like the term REFERENTS better. “That the people who are next to you see you as someone to imitate for your values.”

Carlos Moy�, honorary godfather of the 2023-24 class

He Former world number 1, Roland Garros champion in 1998 and winner of 20 ATP titles has been the godfather of a very special event for young tennis players, in which he has assumed the baton of Pau Gasol, David Ferrer, Ona Carbonell, Ricky Rubio and Iga Swiatek who accompanied Rafa at the graduations in recent years (Roger Federer y Maria Sharapova they did it electronically in 2020). Moy� ​​did not want to miss the opportunity to stand out Rafa’s own personality and values.

“When I started working with Rafa, one of my concerns was what our relationship was going to be like. I have known him since he was 11 years old and I have seen him grow up to now, although in different situations. We have We have lived together innumerable situations both on and off the court, he has been a training partner, a party partner – we have and had the right to have fun -, a friend, Davis Cup winners together in what is probably my fondest memory. be nice on a tennis court, rivals, doubles partners, all that and more but never in the role of working with him, demanding him at some moments, listening to him at others, living together, traveling, winning, losing, having a hard time in times of injuries, and I have to say that I have never in my life felt a lack of respect towards myself or towards any member of the team, and that is something almost impossible to see today If you watch games on television you will realize what I am saying.

For some of you the goals will be on the tennis court and for others they will be in the university classrooms. Dream with big goals and be demanding of yourself. Don’t set barriers or limits for yourself. Life and circumstances will take care of themselves. The path to achieving these goals is very important because every day counts and is key to fulfilling your dreams. I’m not much for giving advice, but if I could give one to my 30-year-old self, I would tell him to surround himself with good, positive people who love you and help you through difficulties, leaving aside all toxic people who want to pull you down when you want to take off”

Sports values ​​and Anglo-American education

The 52 students thus end their stage in the Rafa Nadal School, a mixed Anglo-American international education school for children between 3 and 18 years old located at the Rafa Nadal Academy. Although the original concept of the school was designed with the objective that the Academy’s tennis players could make tennis training compatible with academic training, Rafa wanted from the first moment open the doors to all the young people of Mallorca, whether they were tennis players or not, so that everyone could benefit from the facilities and the academic program. This allows the academy’s tennis players to coexist in the classrooms with other students, which enhances enriching exchanges and educational and cultural experiences. The Rafa Nadal School has modern, technological, sports and comfortable facilities that constitute an ideal setting for teaching.

One of the great objectives of the academy is to provide its students with the opportunity to access a University in the United States or any other part of the world, with a tennis and/or academic scholarship. To date, 100% of tennis student players who have graduated and planned to go to the US to study have been accepted and received scholarships at North American universities.

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