Carlos Alcaraz He surpassed himself this Tuesday on the Queen’s grass in his return to the green turf 338 days later. The Murcian has put an end to Fran Cer�ndolo’s resistance, 6-1 and 7-5.

The match pitted number 2 against number 26. The feeling it gave was that Carlitos was the best in history on grass and Cer�ndolo was a rival from the previous one.

Cer�ndolo will not be the one to end the two years of unbeaten (13 wins in a row) of Samuel L�pez’s pupil on the green carpet. The winner of the duel between Jack Draper and Mariano Navone will compete.. Draper, favorite of the local public with the permission of Andy Murray, won his first title in Stuttgart on Sunday, on the same surface.

The current tournament champion He sent his first message, winning the initial game with a blank score and deciding the first point in his favor with a service at 214 kilometers per hour..

At 18 minutes, the result was already 5-0. The center court of the charming Queen’s club had become too small to see a different player, one of the few who ensures spectacle and unmatched plasticity.

The two protagonists had played a set on Sunday, with a score of 7-5 for the Spaniard. But the competition is something else. The chosen ones grow with the adrenaline of the moment.

Cer�ndolo had just lost to Novak Djokovic in the round of 16 at Roland Garros after dominating by two sets to one against an opponent who was playing with a torn meniscus in his knee.. Djokovic underwent surgery two days later and declined to jump into the quarterfinals with Casper Ruud.

Alcaraz had an option to close the initial round with a 6-0. Francisco saved her with a serve on the white line. He opened his locker immediately afterwards, avoiding the rosco. The followers applauded. They wanted more spectacle.

The Argentine will savor what it means to be ahead in the continuation. Carlitos lowered his guard a little and a long right hand gave Cer�ndolo the first break. That’s what grass has. A mistake first costs a 3-0 against.

Alcaraz wore the Nike clothing that saw him crowned just nine days ago on the land of Roland Garros. The white kit, according to tradition, is reserved for the defense of the crown at Wimbledon.

The young man from El Palmar had a 0-30 to recover the break, but it escaped him. He returned to the scene later to take the serve of his victim when it served to sign the tie on the scoreboard.

The world number 2’s bench was full of familiar faces. Along with the tennis player’s team, the presence of Abel Lusa, owner of the Spanish restaurant Cambio de Tercio, his wife Fernando and their three children stood out.. All of them already witnessed Carlitos’ triumph a year ago at Queen’s.

It has been a great test having to subtract to keep me in the second set

Carlos Alcaraz

Three set balls saved

Alcaraz saved three set points in the tenth round. A Cer�ndolo shot was spit out by the net and then He connected two missiles, one at 218 kilometers per hour, his most powerful serve this season.. The top was 217 km/h in the last edition of the Mutua Madrid Open. His were the last four games of the game.

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