Ethe Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic (31 a�os) He withdrew from his match against Yuta Shimizu in it Little Rock Open de Arkansas after having one argument with his girlfriend, the influencer Keely Hannah.

Tomic requested medical assistance on several occasions during the match and reported that his girlfriend tested positive for Covid in the morning.

At the start of the second set, Tomic lost the first 6-1, the ATP Challengers commentator confirmed that Bernard Tomic and Keely Hannah were arguing.

“Bernard and his girlfriend arguing… Tomic said: “You tested positive for Covid”, and his girlfriend replied “No, that was two weeks ago”

“Bernard and his girlfriend continue arguing… In summary, Tomic said: “Today you tested positive for Covid”, and his girlfriend replied “No, that was two weeks ago.” I did not expect to have to comment here on a couple’s fight “But here we are. Either way, it’s uncomfortable for all the fans who are here and just want to see a little tennis tonight, but I don’t know if they’re going to get it,” he commented. Zachary Cohen.

Tomic decided to withdraw from the game and then tested positive for COVID.

The reaction of Bernard Tomic and Keely Hannah after their argument in the middle of the game

After this curious event, Bernard Tomic has deactivated his Instagram account and Keely Hannah has made it private.

The Australian tennis player, who previously He had a romantic relationship with the celebrity Vanessa Sierrahas been dating Keely Hannah since 2022.

Bernard Tomic, who was once number 17 in the world and who sank to number 825 in 2022, is currently number 247 in the ATP Rankings.

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