En a cordial meeting that they have had Rafa Nadal and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, it has been announced that Albania will host a Rafa Nadal Sport Center complex. The coastal city of Durres (30 kilometers from Tirana) will host a multisport complex that will implement the training methodology of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

This next opening, whose main objective is to develop and promote tennis and sports in Albaniawill reaffirm the commitment of Rafa Nadal and his entire team to promote values ​​in sport and education in young people and adults around the world.

Rafa Nadal himself has been very satisfied with the announcement: “For us it is a joy to announce the upcoming construction and opening of a center in Albania. The project is incredible and we loved the country’s vision of promoting sport and its values. I am convinced that it will be a success“.

The project is incredible and we loved the vision that the country has

Rafael Nadal

The Rafa Nadal Sport Center in Albania will have with 12 tennis courts, 6 paddle tennis courts, a multi-sports court, gym and wellness area, swimming pool and restaurant area. In addition, it will have a store and a museum with some Rafa Nadal trophies as well as objects donated by great athletes.

In a meeting that took place at the recently inaugurated ZEL Costa Brava hotel, the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rami has confirmed that this complex will be located next to a new Manchester City football center and he has had words of great affection towards Rafa himself: “There are many champions and great professionals in the world of sport, but there are not as many champions in life and human values ​​as Rafa. From a distance I have always had the I have the impression that Rafa is a great man, but now that I know him I admire his modesty and his way of being even more. I think that the value of this center will not only consist of learning to play tennis or other sports, but in helping children and young people understand how important it is to be both a good professional and a good person. Although to date international expansion had been forged through Academies and complexes called Rafa Nadal Tennis Center, now the Rafa Nadal Sport Center has been born as a new line of sports centers inspired by the Rafa Nadal Academy (Mallorca) which can be located both in high-category holiday complexes, offering added value to guests, and in international cities, aimed at a resident audience.

In first-class sports facilities and with a wide variety of sports programs, the Rafa Nadal Sport Center complexes will offer an incomparable experience for fans of tennis and sports in general. Both children and adults will be able to benefit from tennis and paddle tennis schools for adults and children, as well as fitness, wellness, health and restaurant services, with the aim of creating a sporty, healthy and familiar.

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