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Los wiper washer They are an essential tool for the sections where we find rain. In fact, in summersummer There are many Spaniards who are looking for less hot destinations and where they will find rain.

Therefore, the wiper washer must work correctly, because otherwise this would pose a real danger to the not have visibility enough. Thus, many drivers find that their brushesbrushes they make a lot of noise.

Thanks to a series of productsproducts that we all have at home we can eliminate the noise that the windshield wiper blades. These products are the vinegarthe Vaseline and one bayeta or rag. Basically, the trick would be to first apply the vinegar to the cloth and clean the brushes very carefully.

After this, it is highly recommended to use another cloth to to remove all the vinegar spare. Once this process is done, the next thing will be to take the Vaseline and distribute it brush rubber. It is very important that the Vaseline adhere completelyso we recommend doing this trick when the coachcoach It will be parked for a while, because it is a process that can take hours.

With all this, the windshield wiper blades They should stop ringing and making that annoying noise. However, it is always recommended change the brushes every so often. In fact, according to the manufacturers, the best thing to do would be to change them. once a year.

This change, furthermore, should be made just after the months of summersince during this time of year the sun accelerates wearsun accelerates wear of the brushes. Therefore, you can use this trick any time you are in a pinch, but it is not for life.

Furthermore, the wiper washer It is one of the tools that is most looked at in theITV. Furthermore, many vehicles suspendvehicles suspend that inspection due to the wiper washerbecause it is not an element that is usually taken into account when we pass the ITV.

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