To begin with, a simple recommendation: to those of you who want Barça to win the Champions League like Madrid wins them, join Real. You will save yourself disappointment and lose your way as the club has lost in the last decade. It happens that many of those who now use the famous Barça DNA to hit him in the face of the rival’s success, previously stood out because of how Barça subdued and humiliated Real Madrid fans. It’s not worth it.

First, because Barça has neither won nor will it ever win like Madrid, being, in a very high percentage of the time, inferior to its rival. They didn’t give birth to him for that. History does not lie: the five Champions Leagues he won dominated this game, and were, almost always, the best without a doubt. He was never a European champion without being a League champion, nor did he pocket the money while living with failure on other fronts. Madrid, yes. And second, because The problem does not reside in the DNA, but in the management that challenges the model and executes it poorly. That’s what led Barça – a semi-final in 10 years – to get off the European train. There were many warnings. Nobody paid attention.

Modric and Kroos were discarded, life contracts were given to players in the twilight, Arturos and Paulinhos were brought in, the check for Neymar was wasted and the idea was neglected. The members voted for Bartomeu for a treble and Laporta, instead of applying prudence, pushed levers that shortened the distance a little. I wouldn’t change a single Barça Champions League for anything, but those mainly responsible for Barça being a mere spectator – not a competitor – in Madrid’s last 6 Champions Leagues are its leaders. In that you do have to be relentless and not in the mistreatment of the label that made the club a winner and made it eternal.

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