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He passenger car and SUV market in Spain it reached 95,158 units sold in Maywhich means a 3.41% growth with respect to the same month of the previous year, according to the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac). As for the accumulated for the year (January-May)car sales total 431,884 units, 6.8% more compared to the same period in 2023.

These were the car brands preferred by Spanish drivers in May 2024:

Below, we detail what they were the ten best-selling models during the fifth month of the year in the Spanish market.

Closing the list of the ten best-selling cars in May 2024 in Spain we find the MG ZS con 1,685 units registered.

He Kia Sportage was the ninth best-selling model of the month after reaching 1,819 units registered in May.

The eighth most demanded car by Spaniards in May was the Seat Ibizacon 1,859 units sold.

Con 1,910 units registeredhe Opel Corsa It is placed in seventh position in the monthly sales ranking.

He Toyota Corolla was the sixth favorite car of the Spanish in May after reaching the 1,945 units sold. It should be noted that in the cumulative sales ranking for the year, the Corolla occupies second position with 10,197 registrations.

In the Top 5 of the Spanish market we find the SUV Hyundai Tucson con 1,987 units delivered in May.

With a total of 2,021 registrationshe Renault Clio It is the fourth most demanded car by Spaniards in May.

He Dacia Sandero closes the Top 3 sales in the Spanish market after adding a total of 2,527 registrations in May. However, in the cumulative ranking for the year, the Sandero leads sales with a total of 13,068 units sold.

He Peugeot 2008 It was the second best-selling car of the month with a total of 2,713 units registered.

He Citroën C3 is at the top of this list and becomes the best-selling car in May 2024 in Spain after reaching 2,823 units registered.

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