La Spanish women’s rugby 7 team will play the game this Sunday to avoid the Last place in the Singapore tournamentseventh stage of the World Series, after have lost on the second day against Ireland (7-25) and South Africa (14-26).

He principle of Spain against the Irishas had happened the day before against New Zealand, was brilliant due to a fierce defense that allowed Anne Fern�ndez de Corres fish the oval to a tackled rival and enable with a cross to Juana Stellawho scored between the sticks.

The ‘Leonas’ lasted barely three minutes, and in the next play they conceded an identical mark, set by Stacey Floodand held on with a slim lead (7-5) until the stroke of halftime, when Amee Murphy-Crowe scored after passing Ingrid Algar down the left aisle.

The second half was a monologue from the islandswho raised the score to 25-7 (five tries without any past conversion) by scoring through Flood, author of a double, Victoria Kinlan and Ashleigh Baxter.

In the consolation trophy semi-final, South Africa took the lead thanks to Nadine Rooswho crossed the entire field of play in ‘dribbling’ and widened her advantage with a mark from Maria Tshiremba, although Paula Requena He kept Spain in touch by scoring on the stroke of half-time after an electric change of pace inside.

A high school fixing-overflow Amaya Erbina brought the tie to 14 on score, although the South Africans took the victory with two tries in the last ninety seconds, one controversial Shut uptackled by Ingrid Algar one millimeter from the touchline, and another by Ayanda Malinga (14-26)

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