Las Finals of the HSBC Sevens Series that will be held in Madrid from May 31 to June 2, at the Civitas Metropolitano stadium, will be an unprecedented event for the world of rugby because it is the first time they have been organized. The Sevens Series, the world circuit of the olympic rugby modality, It has been celebrated since the 1999-00 season, but until now the title was defined by the general classification after the sum of the scores of the different series.

MARCA at the Hong Kong SVNS, an impressive show that Madrid is already waiting for

The competition will be restructured in the 2022-23 season. In it, the number of participants was reduced from 16 to 12 teams and the existence of a final tournament starting next season, which will be the one that will be held in Madrid in two weeks. At the end of last season they were relegated Japan, Kenya and Uruguay (and the British teams were integrated into one, according to Olympic regulations). At present, after seven events held, eight teams have qualified to play in Madrid the title phase and four others will play the promoci�n against those promoted from the Challenger Series calendar. This will be the phase played by the Spanish teamsmasculine and feminine.

They participate in the Sevens Series all the great rugby countrieswith the particularity that as it is a ‘shared’ competition between the IOC and World Rugby – the Sevens Series are qualifiers for the Olympic Games – there are promotions and descents -and also the IOC nationality rules apply, not those of World Rugby-. And these finals, furthermore, are played two months before the Olympic Games, which guarantees the presence of the gala formations.

The condition ol�mpica of the Sevennot yet well digested by the purist thinking of rugby, has resulted in the development of the modality. Players like the world champions XV Kwagga Smith o Cheslin Kolbeo the Argentines Lucio Cinti or Rodrigo Isgr� They have been Olympic medalists, not to mention the Fijians Sireli Maqala, Jiuta Wainikolo, Joseph Masi o Semi RadraraWorld Cup winners in France 2024 and Olympic champions in Tokyo 2020. And it is possible that Antoine will be part of the French team in Madrid Dupontthe great French rugby star, who this year took part in the World Series and did not play in the 6th Nations to try to be present at the Games.

Fiji It is the great Olympic power of Sevens: they won the men’s gold in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. In women they have been distributed Australia (2016) and Great Breta�a (2020).

Group A of the men’s title competition will bring together to Argentina, Australia, France and Great Britain. Group B will face Ireland, New Zealand, Fiji and South Africa. In the women’s category in A there will be New Zealand, USA, Canada and Great Britain. In b, Australia, France, Fiji and Ireland. After the group stage, they will play quarterfinals by the system 1-4, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1. In the case of the competition for the title, the competition will reach the final. In the promotion, Whoever wins the quarter-final match will be in the upcoming HSBC Sevens Series.

In the competition for promotion, each group will include a team that played the Sevens Series and two teams that are promoted from the Challenger Series. In the men’s competition Espa�a se medir� a Samoa, Kenya and Chile in group B. The African team comes from the Sevens Series but was in the World Series 22-23. In A there are United States, Canada, Uruguay and Germany. The German team is coached by Pablo feijooformer Spanish coach, the United States has until now been the glass roof of Spain in the World Series and with Uruguay The Spanish Seven remained neck and neck last year to avoid relegation, won by Hispanics.

In the women’s competition Espa�awhich closed the classification of the previous calendar, will play in the group stage against Japan, China and Poland in group A. In group B there will be Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and Belgium. China, Poland, Argentina and Belgium come from the Challenger Series

Each clash of seven It is played, as its name indicates, between seven playersthroughout the entire length of the rugby field and in soccer matches. 14 minutes where everything happens very fast and the intensity, offensive and defensive, is maximum. Furthermore, in the Madrid World Series – as is the norm throughout the circuit – there will be a great parallel show both in the stands and in the Fan Zone located next to the Metropolitano. It will be, without a doubt, the largest rugby event held so far in Spain.

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