EThe XV del León, the men’s XV team, is concentrated from June 3 to 23 in Valladolid making his first preseason of history. This week the superstar and player of Los Pumas joined the technical staff Agust�n Creevy. The Argentine heeler still active became on August 5, 2023 the first man to reach the 100 games with the Argentine National Team, whom he has captained in a World Cup. He has also been through teams of the likes of Biarritz, Clermont, Montpellier, Worcester Warriors, the Jaguares franchise, London Irish or Sale Sharks.

Thanks to his friendship with the current National Coach Pablo BouzaCreevy will lead several on-field training sessions for three days, in which he will work with the players on mel�, fishing in the ruck or the touch throw.

“I’m feliz of being here these three days,” Agust�na tells the official media of the RFER. “I am very amigo of Pablo Bouza and called me to lend a hand in the scrum and here I am to live the experience. I practically just arrived, so we made the presentation and the truth is that everyone was very kind to me. received with open arms.” “I think Spain is a team with a lot of determination, that goes forward and he wants to progress with the aim of qualifying for the World Cup. Very similar to Los Pumas a few years ago. I came here to be with them, to give them all my knowledge and to help in the scrum, breakdown already the hookers with the launches of line. “To help where I have to and be part of the Spanish staff these three days.”

Regarding the level of the national team, Creevy assures that “he sees the team very well, it is noticeable that grew a lot in recent years, with good players from both the domestic and French leagues. And above all I see that they are willing to make a mental change, in the part f�sica of training because to reach the high level you have to prepare in a very very demanding and all this change is what is going to happen trigger this, these experiences and preseasons to work together.

The National coach, Pablo Bouzapoints out that Creevy will contribute “his experience as captain, as player and as leader. He can help us a lot in the match, the serve of the line and in the fishing. The best thing about Agustín is that despite having more than 100 games with Los Pumas, he is a very humblewith whom you can talk and who transmit very well and is always in a good mood. I have worked with him for five years. We had been talking since January and the opportunity arose that I finished playing with Sale Sharks could come.”

Regarding the preseason, Bouza acknowledges that “it is being very dura for the boys, and they are accumulating a lot of burden. It is true that we are also enjoying and setting as a goal the two parties of Tonga and Samoa what we have in July. We hope the group takes advantage of Creevy’s visit. The idea is that can continue coming within their possibilitiesYes, since he is still active as a player.

The coach wanted to highlight the good disposition of Valladolid “a city in which rugby is very importantI compare it a lot with Tucumán. Have all the tools to work, We had a good time, the clubs are at our disposal. “They make things easy for us.”

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