El Higher Sports Council hosted an interesting talk about the evolution of Argentine rugby, the brotherhood that the Spanish and Argentine federations have thanks to this sport.

During the colloquium, different topics were discussed, starting with the President of the Spanish Federation, Juan Carlos Martínwho emphasized the importance of Argentine rugby culture in the development of Spanish rugby, starting with the rugby 15 team, where the Rosario player, Pablo Bouzais in charge of Los Leones.

Juan Carlos Martín, president of the Spanish Rugby FederationWalterD

Spanish rugby is showing that it has no ceiling, little by little, great teams from the first level in the world want to face ‘The Lions’ in preparatory tournaments and international match windows. This is why the Federation has great objectives, which with the work being done, can be met in the short term.

Followed by the president, he commiserated, Roberto Bosch Estevez, ambassador of Argentina in Madridwho highlighted the importance of the values ​​of rugby and, above all, the brotherhood they have with Espa�ain part, thanks to this sport.

“Rugby is respect, and it has differences with football and that is why rugby always wins.”

Roberto Bosch Estevez

Roberto Bosch Estevez, ambassador of ArgentinaWalterD

Once the presentations were over, the time came when the four members of the main table talked about rugby and, in particular, about the importance of inclusive rugby.

On this occasion, they spoke of the Spartans Rugby Foundationwhich seeks to give a second chance to people who are in penitentiary centers, where they have 2500 players worldwide.

Spartanos Rugby FoundationSpartanos Rugby Foundation

Eduardo ‘Coco’ Oderigoco-founder of the foundation, analyzed the beginnings of the foundation and how, thanks to the world of rugby, it has been growing throughout the world.

We all deserve a second chance, our Spartans at the beginning distrusted the project, but even today they trust and enjoy this same project.

Coco Oderigo

Eduardo OderigoWalterD

After the foundation talk, Germ�n Fern�ndezcommented on his experience with the Italian Rugby Team where they had a great Six Nations and stressed that he missed Argentine club rugby and that being away from home makes you value what you have more.

The president of the COMMON, Gabriel Travaglini and the coach ‘Los Pumas 7’, Santiago G�mez Cora, They analyzed the current situation of Argentine rugby, highlighted the importance of player studies and that they are developing new medical studies to offer security to players that did not exist before.

Also, they stressed the importance of the union between Argentina Rugby Federation and the Argentine clubs, which can collaborate to achieve greater success together, despite the thought on the part of fans who think that the national team removes players from their clubs.

We do not remove players, we call and they make the decision to go. Afterwards, everything we teach them, they can implement in their clubs, we all win

Gabriel Travaglini

Gabriel Travaglini, Santiago G�mez Cora and Germ�n FernandezWalterD

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