Lhe great days that are being lived in the Metropolitan City with the HSBC Sevens Series Finals They have also been crowned by the Success for Spanish rugby. Both the Lionesses and the Lions of Seven, our national teams of the modality ol�mpica of rugby, have brilliantly achieved the permanence in the highest category of Olympic rugby. First, the Lionesses of María Ribera and Alberto Soc�as played a perfect game and beat Sud�frica by 22-0. After a match that had anguish and suffering, Paco Hernández’s Leones defeated Canad� by 22-14.

They were the first to succeed. The company was difficult because Sud�frica It was also a World Series team and although, as Spain had been forced to compete for promotion to remain, it had been left in front of in the classification. Certainly, the Spanish team, very young, is finding it difficult to undertake the generational relief, but your progresi�n noticeable. Against South Africa, and in front of a dedicated crowd – it is practically the first time that Spain has played at home in the Sevens – they played very well in attack and defense.

Juana Stella, very young like many of her teammates and a candidate for rookie of the year on the circuit, broke the South African line and put Spain ahead. The efficient Paula Requena expanded the score and in the second half, when the South Africans put up a physical battle, Spain defended with discipline and secured the victory with tries again from Requenaand Paula Dom�nguez.

Thus, Spain will also play next season in the highest category of Olympic rugby along with United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Fiji, Ireland and those who also won their promotion match: China (33-0 a Belgica), Jap�n (26-12 to Argentina) and Brazil (38-7 and Polonia).

The Lions of Paco Hernández suffered, but they won. Before the clash the Spanish coach said: “against Canada, you never know “What team are you going to find?” The one they found was one that has been improving in defending as the tournament progressed and who also took advantage of some inopportune nerves Spanish. Spain enjoyed a wide theoretical superiority but on the field this lasted until 10-0 with attempts by Juan Ramos y Manu Moreno. . . . After s, Josian Morrah took advantage of one of the few Spanish defensive errors in the tournament and brought Canada closer to 10-7 after a transformation of Coats.

Captain Juan Ramos widened the gap (17-7) as soon as the second half began but Cooper Coats He responded immediately with the same note. To further adjust things Josep Greenhouses received a yellow and left Spain two minutes in inferiority. In that distressing period the Lions worked very well in defendingthey attacked with many phases with the oval in his possession and, again on equal footing, Jaime Butter scored the decisive test. Great performance by some Lions who have known how to dominate with the wind in their favor and suffer with difficult things. Now, they have the Preol�mpico: They can finish the season by participating in Paris 2024.

In the rest of the promotional meetings, Uruguay venci� 12-10 a Chile, Kenya 33-15 to Germany and USA, 40-19 to Samos. The winners and Spain will play the next games with Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Ireland, Fiji, France, South Africa and Great Britain. Only in Olympic rugby is Spain allowed to compete in the same tournament as the great powers. That’s why it’s very important.

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