La selecci�n 15th century female has fallen before Canad� ‘A’, but standing up and playing a good game (26-27) in a friendly, played in El Pantano de Villajoyosa, preparatory to the one on June 29, when they will face the national team of Gales looking for a place in the WXV2, the second division of the global competition sponsored by World Rugby, and also the first opportunity to reach the World Cup 2025.

The match, framed in the I La Vila Womens International Rugby Cup, it has been very balanced. Canada ‘A’ is the second team in the ssecond selection in the World Rugby ranking, but it is still a set of potential theoretically superior al espa�ol.

The defending Spanish was the protagonist in the first 40 minutes. With a XV with many variants and that was leaving refreshing every 20 minutes, Las Leonas managed to contain the Canadian attack with an exceptional Claudia Pe�a, which stopped three clear opportunities for visiting tests. At halftime, 7-15 for Canada.

In the second part Spain dominated possession and went on to link good offensive sequences thanks to the intensity, among others, of Clara Pikeman y Mar�a Calvo. The final result shows improvement over the 26-27 from a week ago in Elche.

Spain will face Wales on Saturday, June 29 at 6:35 p.m., Spanish peninsular timeat the Cardiff Arms Parks.

Espa�a: 1. In�s Antol�nez, 2. Nuria Jou, 3. Laura Delgado, 4. Anna Puig, 5. M�nica Castelo, 6. Nerea Garc�a, 7. Mar�a Calvo, 8. Lourdes Alameda , 9. Luc�a D�az, 10. Amalia Argudo, 11. Claudia P�rez, 12. Zah�a P�rez, 13. Alba Vinuesa, 14. Clara Piquero, 15. Claudia Pe�a.

They also played: 16. Mar�a del Castillo, 17. Gemma Silva, 18. Marieta Rom�n, 19. Sidorella Bracic, 20. Nadina Cisa, 21. L�a Pi�eiro, 22. Alba Capell, 23. Vico Gorrochategui, 24. Maider Aresti, 25. Naroa Azpitarte, 26. Martina M�rquez, 27. Claudia Cano, 28. Binbing Vergara.

They scored: Maider Aresti, Luc�a D�az and Martina M�rquez (2), rehearsals. Claudia Pe�a, three transformations.

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