Sam PinderScottish and, practically logical in this world, ancient playeris he World Rugby Sevens General Manager. It is up to him to lead the development of an Olympic modality that is, for many actors – countries – more open than the traditional XV. He is, in a way, also host of Finals that are conceived as a festival with the best Olympic rugby show and a wide and attractive entertainment program.

Q: How would you define Seven?

R. Rugby sevens is a sport like no other. The action doesn’t stop, It’s exciting, fast paced and action packed and under the new HSBC SVNS model there is more emotion and drama in the field than ever. The Madrid Finals will show the physical prowess and ability of aSome of the most impressive Olympic athletes in the world in a three-day festival of celebration and entertainment. There has never been a more time exciting for Sevens, which also reinforces the global appeal of this sport before the Olympic Games.

“Sevens is vital to attract new rugby fans”

Sam Pinder

Q: How important is World Rugby’s commitment to Sevens?

A: Our research shows that Seven plays a vital role in reaching and engaging new rugby fans, particularly in nations emerging and with younger audiences. We are, therefore, fully committed with its growth, innovation and success as a high-impact and successful Olympic sport with a bright future.

Furthermore, moving towards full gender parity between the men’s and women’s Series reflects not only our commitment to promoting women’s sports, but recognize new personalities that are inspiring a new generation of fans around the world.

Q: How important is it that Sevens is a more open competition than XV, with more teams competing in addition to the traditional ones?

R: The Seven offers all participating nations the opportunity to compete and choose to a square in the Olympic Games; We see rugby sevens as a vehicle for increase participation in this sport. The increased promotional opportunities for Challenger Series teams to reach the top is also an important development, giving more teams, annually, the opportunity to reach a higher place.

Q: How have you watched the World Series this year?

R: The SVNS HSBC 2024 has been one of the Series most competitive in history, as shown by the fact that the League title was decided in Singapore, the last quote. The introduction of combined tournaments to the Series has been overwhelmingly successful, and we have introduced SVNS to new markets such as Espa�a. We have observed a increase in the number of attendeesyes, which is a positive sign. We continue to recover from the Covid pandemic. The reach and participation in the social networks has been triggered, highlighting the potential that Seven has in the growth of fans around the world and, in particular, among the public youth.

“Sevens is a vehicle to increase participation in this sport”

Sam Pinder

Q: What future and development possibilities do you see for Seven?

R: Lot JParis Olympics will be a moment of maturity for Seven, with the expectation of six packed days in the Franc Stadiumand. After the success of Paris, Seven will continue growingreaching more fans, generating greater income to reinvest in performance, and offering experiences bigger, better and more attractive and entertaining for fans. The SVNS is more than a sporting event, it is a festive experience.

Q: What has the fact that Sevens has become Olympic brought to rugby?

R: The Olympic Games represent our greatest opportunity to attract new fans and participants. Nielsen studies estimate that Rio and Tokyo have attracted 30 million new fans to this sport throughout the world. In Paris 2024, Sevens will be the center of attention like never before, as our sport has the privilege to kick off the Games two days before the Opening Ceremony, July 24. And French superstar Antoine is expected Dupont is in action.

Rio and Tokyo have brought 30 million new fans”

Sam Pinder

Q: Do you think Spain can become an important venue for rugby?

R: We believe that Spain is a sleeping giant with great potential for rugby. With the success of the Spanish men’s and women’s Sevens team and their inclusion in the SVNS Series 2024, we hope that Thousands of fans flock to Madrid to encourage them in their fight to keep their place.

Q: What will people who attend the Madrid Finals see?

R:The best of the best of rugby to seven international on the field of play. Throughout three days of competition, some of the fittest olympic athletes in the world They will display unrivaled speed, skill and ability in this shorter, more fast-paced format of rugby. Are the 36 best teams in the world in competition and also a great poster of music and entertainment will create a festival atmosphere for three days. The SVNS are an unmissable experience of live events with a festival atmosphere: a unique sports and entertainment experience. The Civitas Metropolitano will be a great stage.

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