EAmong the innovations contributed by the HSBC Sevens Series Finals that took place last week at the Civitas Metropolitano in Madrid was the installation of a heating in which the participating teams they trained, in view not only of the public with tickets for the event but of everyone who wanted to come closer. A public that responded enthusiastic, just like what happened inside the stadium. Another, the track of rugby playa installed in the wide Fan Zonevery busy throughout the event and where a good atmosphere always reigned.

The three days of competition took place on this beach rugby court. tournaments university students, seniors and mixed minors. In it the organization of rugby player Patricia García, PGR ONG, commissioned by World Rugby, carried out exhibitions of T1, the new type of rugby contactless system that world rugby’s governing body is promoting as a way to attract practitioners to sport.

This mode preserves the basic rugby actions, such as touch-ins, touchdowns, or even rucksbut without contact with the opponent or with the ground. It would be a kind of ‘chopped‘ to which aspects of rugby attack and defense are added: for example the plywood It is replaced by a touch with the hand on the bearer, below the shoulders, and the tackler must then give the ball to a partner while the tacklers adopt defensive modalities. The rules can adapt to the liking of the teams, as well as the dimensions of the playing field and the number of players.

World Rugby hopes that this modality can be applied in clubs and schools from all over the world as a means of incorporating a pattern of practitioners into the sport. So far, the Madrid experience has been a success.

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