Nor could the tournament start better for the Espa�ola rugby 7 selection men’s, two victories against two very tough rivals who rose from the Challenger wanting to show that they can be in the first division of the world series.

Two victories that do not come by chance, during the last few weeks, the team has been focused on M�lagaoblivious to any distraction and it seems that they are reaping what they sow.

We have committed many penalty shots, three yellow cards… but we have been able to get through it

Paco Her�ndez

They started the tournament against Chile and, despite the yellow cards that have left the team with one less player on two occasions, they have managed to overcome and win.


In the second match played, they faced a team Kenya where he has granted spaces that ‘The Lions’ They knew how to take advantage to reach the break with a 10-0 lead. The second half was marked by the yellow card to Pol Plawho has moved a ball with his foot to avoid the quick play of the kenyatas and this has led him to the sin bin (chair where the expelled sit).

Finally, and after a very tight finish with the Africans They cut the score with 3 minutes remaining, ‘The Lions’ They have known how to suffer and achieve a second very important victory towards qualification in this group stage.

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