NNo one said it was going to be easy, but if something characterizes ‘The lioness’ It is their desire to overcome difficulties and obtain good results, this is what they have done on the first day of the HSBC SVNS SERIES of Madrid.

We have to continue in the line that we have worked against Polnia, each action must be played as if it were the last

Mar�a Ribera

The coach of the Women’s rugby 7 team was clear and he was right, the team started the match against China with a lot of nerves, which soon disappeared but the Asian team has shown why they are in this tournament.

A tough game where China Has been imposed 12-7 a hard blow to ‘Las Leonas’ to start the tournament but it has not served to make the team give up.


Contra Poland It has been seen how prepared they are ‘The lioness’ to face any team, a match where the defensive actions have culminated with recoveries that have led to the rehearsal.

The game played in training has come out and it has been seen that the stumble against China has not affected the team, with a forceful 43-5have subjected Poland who was out of ideas thanks to the good defensive and offensive efforts of the Spanish team.

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