Laura ‘Bimba’ Delgado It is literally and figuratively one of the pillars of the XV women’s Spanish team that he Saturday June 29 at 6:35 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) will face Gales at Cardiff Arms Park in a very important match: a direct ticket to the 2025 World Cup in England and a square in the WXV 2, the second division of the women’s world competition.

After the first two weeks of concentraci�n and the training camp con Canad� which culminated with two matches in Elche and La Vila, now the internationals have rest before returning to concentration. Laura spoke about the game with the official RFER media, pointing out that “the team is doing very, very well. These two weeks have served to build the group off and on the field and we have our focus on the game on the 29th. Canad� He has been a great rival to prepare for the clash. They were players who came from Pacific Four Series, others from Seven and some M23. And we have seen good evoluci�n from the first to the second game”.

“It is true that we did not expect Wales to be our rival like European champions, since they have gone from third to sixth in the 6 Nations and came from Tier 1competing in the WXV 1. But we are very focused on ourselves, on developing ourselves and show us how we can play. We are going to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, but we are very focused on ourselves and giving our best version. It doesn’t matter the opponent, in rugby we know that you have to play 80 minutes and anything can happen. “You just have to see how Canada recently beat New Zealand, or the USA beat Australia… The games are decided on the field.”

There is no better combination than the audacity of the younger Lionesses and the experience of the veterans.”

Laura ‘Bimba’ Delgado

Bimba, who could celebrate his birthday on the 29th 40 ‘caps‘with Las Leonas, she is one of the veterans of the group and knows what it is to play in a World Cup (Ireland 2017) and also stay at the doors (New Zealand 2021). “Without a doubt the previous classification was a great learningFor me personally, one of the hardest of my sports career. Not only the qualification tournament, in which we face none other than Escocia, Ireland and Italy, but the entire process. The changes in formats, COVID, and finally not achieving the objective for which we had fought so mucheither. It was quite hard, but I learned a lot and those types of situations are what make you grow. I am sure that this experience will add to this classification.”

As for the team, Laura is clear. “I think that we are in the best moment after two years. Many girls have passed, many young women have been given the opportunity. There have been many changes, a base but it has been rotated and there have also been veterans who have been injured but are now joining and add experience. I think we are in the moment ideal“There is no better combination than the youth and impudence of the youngest Las Leonas with the temperance, character and experience of a veteran.”

“Without a doubt the World Cup is everything,” concludes Laura. “It is the biggest dream for a player and the biggest competition you can attend, where the best in the world are. We want to give our all to wear the shirt to the 2025 World Cup. We know that we have another bullet left in case we lose, playing a good role in the WXV 3, but now We don’t think about that. “We are very focused on the present, on the game on the 29th and we are going to go all out.”

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