Burgos will host on Sunday, May 26 (12:00, Spanish peninsular time) the final of Men’s Honor Division. Will be protagonists VRAC Quesos Entrepinares y Recoletas-Burgos-Caja Rural. Both have played in the final of the last Copa del Rey, with Burgos winning, and the last League final, with VRAC winning in extra time, as well as the last Super Cup, which Burgos won. The people of Valladolid choose their thirteenth league and the people of Burgos, to the first.

For the coach from Valladolid, Diego Merino, “the team is arriving well”, as he assured in the previous press conference. “We have to put a lot of intensity because that is one of the rival’s strong points. We cannot make the mistakes of the Copa del Rey Final. These are aspects to be polished.” Merino, questioned about the rival’s refusal to accept favoritism, made it clear that “they have players who have played in many finals with Burgos and also with us. They have beaten us in two finals, three games, they have won the regular phase. The reality is that we entered the final as second and they as first.”

For his part, José Garc�acoach of Recoletas Burgos-Caja Rural, will also be able to have all the players “except Valent�n that comes with a long-term injury. Obviously there are hits, hits, but within the normal range. An�micamente We are also very good, because we have prepared throughout the year and the fact that the final is against VRAC is even more exciting for us since we have the opportunity to rematch of the last League final”.

Regarding the role of favoritesJos� believes that the label is not clear to anyone, “but it will remain in the background. We both know that we are going to compete until the last minute. Against this rival, the last 9 or 10 games will be “They decided in the final minutes”.

Finally, and focusing on the match, the coach from Burgos assures that “it is impossible to know what is going to happen. There is going to be a level of contact. VRAC is a very tough team up front and there will surely be a lot of pressure at the points. meeting.We expect maximum intensity throughout the game. “We have prepared for everything, for the best and worst possible scenario.”

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