Bar�a Rugby and San Cugat They got the pass at semi-finals from Iberdrola League women’s team after the quarterfinal matches and will play the semifinals, respectively, against CRAT Rialta and Silicius Residence Majadahonda.

Barça beat in a very tight match The Savior by 23-25. It was a very tactical match, with a lot of footwork led by Alba Alp�n and Claudia Pe�a, and with harshness in the contacts. At half-time the team trained by Walker-Fitton They led 13-10, but in the second half the Catalans were more successful shooting with sticks and Claudia Pe�a scored a great try, which would be decisive.

In the second semi-final, those from Sant Cugat did manage to make the field factor count and beat the Sevillians from Ghenova Cocos 26-17. After being ahead almost the entire match, the visitors managed to force a 14-14 lead and were on the verge of qualifying, as Chia Alfaro He had two kicks, but he couldn’t convert them into points. In the pr�rroga The Catalans took the lead with a hard-fought pick and go try and finished off with another from Zoe Bastide.

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