A eight days after the start of Sevens World Series in Madridthe expectation is maximum since, since the pandemic, a Sevens competition as important as this one has not been held on Spanish soil.

The two rugby seven teams arrive in Madrid fighting for permanence. The male selection, I will have to play against Samoa, Kenya and Chile in the group stage, and depending on the results obtained, United States, Canada, Uguguay or Germany will face Los Leones in a last match for permanence.

In it female paintingThe lioness they will face against Japan, China and Poland in the group stage, and as in the men’s team, in the match for permanence, they could face against Brazil, South Africa, Argentina or Belgium.

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The trainer, Mar�a Ribera and the captain, Anne Fernandez de Corresthey review what are the keys for the National Team to be able to hold a great tournament and thus obtain permanence in the first division of the World Rugby Seven Series.

María Ribera and Anne Fernández de Corres


Question: How do you get to the tournament?

Maria Answer: We arrive with great enthusiasm, we play at home and we really want to play in front of our fans.

Reply Anne: We arrived very excited, we have never played an international sevens tournament, so big in Madrid and Spain, so we are eager to achieve the goal of staying in the world series.

Q: What does it mean to represent Spain in Spain?

R Mar�a: An opportunity to get many people hooked on the sport that we like and that we have been practicing for so many years and for everyone to be the player/number 14 to help us achieve permanence.

R Mother: It’s a lot of pride, many times we don’t stop to think, but in the end, representing Spain is having reached the top of rugby, to which we can aspire then, a lot of pride, the first thing on a personal level and on a Collectively, being able to compete with the best in Spain is amazing.

Q: What are the keys to maintaining the category?

R Mar�a: play with a lot of passion, a lot of desire and a lot of head. We have to be the best Spain that we can be or that we have been until now.

R Mother: The confidence in this team, we have been doing a good job and we need to finish it, be very concentrated because in 7-a-side rugby matches, every detail counts then, the key will be to come out very plugged in and very connected with the team and emphasize That’s the concentration and connection of the team.

Q: How does it make you feel that it is the first important series played in Spain since the pandemic?

R Mar�a: We are excited just to see the capacity that will be there, we hope that all these actions will make more and more people arrive until the last moment and it means a lot of excitement and we hope that Madrid will be the venue for many years.

R Mother: We had fans in Malaga and Seville years ago but due to Covid it was not the same. I think they are organizing something incredible and we are very excited since we will have all the strength of our families, friends and with the fans who will be an eighth player it will give us a lot of strength and they will be an eighth player in the countryside

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