Conchita Mart�nez He was one of the happiest people yesterday in the Philippe Chatrier stands. The Aragonese, Wimbledon champion in 1994 and Roland Garros finalist in 2000, now triumphs on the bench alongside the promising Mirra Andreeva. Before the semi-final with Jasmine Paolini, Conchita sits down with MARCA.

Ask. Mirra commented on the court after beating Aryna Sabalenka, the world number two, that she had forgotten the tactics and that she had played based on what she felt. What was the tactic?

Answer. I think he didn’t do much of the tactics. It hasn’t been a very good game. Aryna was not in full condition. Mirra wasn’t very good either. She was very nervous. It was a game of many comings and goings. These games have to be played and you have to roll, and learn to win with injured people. There are many times you stare and end up losing. I’m proud that he took it out. He is 17 years old and it is the first time he played for Philippe Chatrier. Good.

You have to learn to win with injured people, sometimes you just stare and end up losing

Q. Were you surprised that the semifinal was with Jasmine Paolini and not Elena Rybakina?

R. You always wait for the good, but Paolini plays very well and has the right game to hurt Rybakina and it showed. She is a very complicated player, very aggressive, who has a lot of spark on the court, she has a very good forehand. We will have to be there and play better than against Sabalenka to win.

After Madrid the trial period is over and we will be there until the end of the year

Q. You have just defeated Paolini in the round of 16 of the Mutua Madrid Open. Does it serve as a reference?

R. It always works. There was height there, but of course it helps. But it’s a new game and you have to play well to win.

Q. You were on trial with Mirra during some tournaments, have you reached an agreement to continue?

R. After Madrid the trial period is over and we will be together until the end of the year.

Q. Do you have any similarities between Mirra and Garbi and Muguruza?

R. She is also very ambitious and winning. Garbi�e grew in large squares. There may be similarities, but each person is different. Mirra plays differently than Garbi�e. Garbi�e had a more aggressive, more direct game. Mirra is 17 years old and developing. What I want is for her to play more aggressively and she is achieving that here at Roland Garros. We are working on things and they are being seen. We have to continue and we have to train her for a direction in which she feels comfortable and that could be more dangerous.

I want him to be humble, to have his feet on the ground and continue working.

Q. Given the young age of your player, is this the most exciting project that exists right now on the women’s circuit?

R. Yes, that’s what I’ve always heard since I started with her. I know it’s true that it is a very good project and what I like most is that we clicked. From the first day it is very pleasant to be here and work with her. If it weren’t like that, we are no longer up to these things. I know it’s exciting because this girl has no roof. Imagine, he is 17 years old and he is already in the semifinals with a path ahead of him. Who knows what’s going to happen here. Once you reach the semi-finals you are there to win the tournament and it is a ‘Grand Slam’. What I want is for him to have his feet on the ground, to be humble, to continue working, to have a good attitude, to have never complained here. For me that is important and we must continue with that line.

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