Recoletas Burgos conquered the City of Valencia. He was crowned Copa del Rey champion for the first time fulfilling the favoritism against the all-time champion VRAC Quesos Entrepinares, that he will have to wait to add his seventh cupbearer title, to which I won 20-19.

Los Valladolid people controlled the match and the result until the 60th minute, reaching a maximum advantage of 13 points that perished when Entrepinares lost strength due to yellow cards. Up to three in less than 20 minutes, leaving Merino’s team in two sections with 13 players.

Although the VRAC began with a shower of inaccuracies, punishments and, ultimately, multiple errors, the hunger and the consequent pressure with which Quesos reached the final led to a theft of the ball by Martiniano Cian who, with only five minutes elapsed in the end, launched himself into the race and none of the players from Burgos were able to hunt him down. The Argentine hurried to rehearse near the goalposts and facilitate the transformation of Baltazar Taibo that led to the 7-0 on the scoreboard. Aparejadores did not collapse and took a step forward, forcing VRAC to play in their own field and suffer defensively.

That work, only clouded by the punishments that gave Tomás Carri up to two opportunities with his foot in the first minutes, It was effective and allowed us to reach the first half hour of the game with a brief 7-3 result of the punishment that Carri� passed in the 10th minute.. Until the break, the duel passed with a VRAC that, coldly, controlled the times while Recoletas Burgos was exhausted trying to achieve its first try.

Merino’s men forced the yellow team, but without taking full advantage of the few times they stepped on the opposite field, without feeling comfortable in the offensive aspect. Until minute 38, when an achievement of impeccable actions, with a good kick from Arhur Lennon, an effective touche and an imposing push, allowed Tiaki Fabish to pose to reward the collective work, with Taibo again passing the oval to make it 14-3 at halftime.

After the resumption, The VRAC kept the type and continued doing its thing, with clear ideas but reducing the failures of the first act. That did not prevent a penalty that Carri� easily converted in the 45th minute. It was five minutes later when Quesos created one of his best actions of the match.

After a touch, Alejandro Alonso broke and put his team half a meter from the goal area. With two movements, VRAC found superiority on the left flank, where Arthur Lennon made the third Blue try his own. With the majority on the scoreboard, Aparejadores took a step forward again and VRAC went through a rush that ended with a yellow for Gavidi and Burgos’s first try after a TMO review. The burden increased despite Diego Merino’s attempts to stop the bleeding with the changes.

Burgos once again had a fight in which Atorrasagasti punished Quesos with a yellow card for Perotti, leaving VRAC with two fewer players. What it took for the VRAC to recover Gavidi was how long it took for Aparejadores to see how Atorrasagasti gave them a trial of punishment that was the condemnation of Quesos and that cost a new yellow card, this time for Martiniano. The VRAC’s will in the last attack, long and eternal, was cut off by the referee’s whistle to unleash madness and joy to Burgos, which did not disdain to add its first cup title in history.

Technical sheet:

19- VRAC Quesos Entrepinares: Calz�n, Miejimolle, Genco, Gavidi, Fabish, Marc S�nchez, V�lez, Moala, Perotti, Lennon, Cian, Taibo, Alejandro Alonso, Miguel Lainz, Arnau Andr�s. Potgieter, �lex P�rez, Alberto Blanco, Juan Ignacio P�rez, Fernando Dom�nguez, Jerry Surumi also played.

20- Recoletas Burgos Caja Rural: Bernardo V�zquez, Caini, Gramajo, Sacovechi, Wagenaar, Rub�n Sanz, Boronat, Snyman, Bay, Carri�, Guillermo Mateu, Martin Mateu, Rasc�n, Facundo L�pez, Casteglioni. Masuyama, Zumeta, Walker, Tom�s Dom�nguez, Nicol�s Rocaries also played.

Partials: 7-0 (m.4), try by Martiniano Cian that transforms Taibo. 7-3 (m.10), penalty blow that Carri� passes. 14-3 (m.38), Fabish’s essay that transforms Taibo. 14-6 (m.45), penalty blow that Carri� passes. 19-6 (m.53), Lennon’s essay. 19-13 (m.61), Zumeta tries that Carri� passes. 19-20 (m.73), punishment trial.

�rbitro: ��igo Atorrasagasti (Basque Committee). He showed yellow cardboard to Gavidi (m.60), to Perotti (m.66), and to Cian (m.73), from VRAC Quesos Entrepinares.

Incidences: Match corresponding to the final of the King’s Cup rugby, played at the Ciutat de Valencia stadium before 12,500 spectators.

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