Scottie Scheffler will arrive with the same calmness that he walks through the fairways of any golf club within sight of June 3. It was clear to him from the moment of his arrest on Friday the 17th, before the second day of the PGA Championship in Valhalla, and the world corroborates it after the publication of a video revealing the incident and the Louisville police’s own confession, which acknowledges that, in addition, officer Bryan Gillis did not activate his body camera, which is a violation of policy of the Police Department.

Immediately, the body that protects security in the state of Kentucky He received “corrective measures”, while the images contradicted the testimony offered. “While directing traffic in front of Gate 1, I observed a vehicle traveling in the oncoming lane coming towards me. I stopped the driver and told him he could not continue because a bus “He was blocking the door. He demanded that I let him in and continued ahead against my instructions. The driver dragged me and proceeded to arrest him.”

However, video from a fixed camera refutes the agent’s claim. At no time is it seen that Scheffler dragged the agent. Perhaps, and it is not seen precisely, he could have suffered a slight impact from the car when he stopped it. Then he braked the car and the police forced him to get out of the vehicle.

Scheffler faces charges of second-degree assault on a police officer, criminal mischief in the third degree, reckless driving and ignoring the traffic signals of an officer directing traffic. The charges have not been dropped, but the general opinion is that the golfer did nothing. “I’m just trying to get to the exit on time,” he told the police officers who detained him.

Police body camera policy is mandatory since 2020 when plainclothes officers shot a young Black woman in her apartment while serving an arrest warrant in a botched drug raid.

Agent Gillis, in addition, had already been suspended on other occasions. In 2013 he was suspended with pay for five days for having made donuts – turns describing circles on an axis – with the police car with a drunken civilian inside in a parking lot. He also destroyed his vehicle and did not appear in court on another occasion. Meanwhile, Scheffler, the world number 1, plays this week in the Charles Schwab Challenge with a 72, +2, his first opening round over par all season.

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