Advanced 2024 to almost the equator, and much more in golf whose interesting calendar ends in August, the sport of the 14 clubs it only underlines the name Scottie Scheffler.

With absolute control of the moment, despite the split of existing circuits, the world number 1 has won five tournamentsamong them the Masters, the TPC and the Memorial, true historical totems, a figure that no other golfer had won since 1980 (TomWatson) before the arrival of the USOpen, the cruel big one, full of tall, thick grasses that devour balls and greens of Bermuda shorts, hard as marble, in which technology has not yet found the handbrake to be able to stop shots hit from 100 meters or more near the flags.

Scheffler, devoted and new father – “at home I try to be the best father the way I try to be the best golfer here,” he says –, hijacks all the spotlights. “If you putt badly, you finish in the top 10; if you do well, you win,” says Tiger Woods, the only one who enjoyed an advantage over the next player in the rankings. There is more difference in points between him and Xander Schauffele, the second, than between him and number 111 in the ranking.

“I no longer think about my victories. All I’m focused on is this week and getting ready to play. The fact that I won last week doesn’t give me any chance against this field,” says the Texan.

“He does everything well”

“He’s replicating a Tiger Woods season,” said Jon Rahm before announcing who will not be able to participate due to his foot injury. “He’s doing everything right this season,” she acknowledged.

Outside of planet Scheffler everything is much less informatively interesting. So much so that marital reconciliation between Rory McIlroy and Erika, his wife, makes sports headlines in North Carolina.

Spain are the ‘Fireballs’

The absence of Jon Rahm has reduced the presence of the Spanish golfers to the members of the ‘Fireballs’, the LIV team. Sergio García, in his twenty-fifth consecutive participation, Eugenio López Chacarra, who is making his debut, and David Puig, who is repeating, will be the Spanish representatives in the third major event of the season. In addition to his performance at the US Open, the second Olympic spot is at stake. David Puig, who is better off making the cut and having his two teammates not win, is the one who has it best.

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