Que Jon Rahm would end in 45th place in the Augusta Masters and a month later he didn’t make the cut in the second major of the season, it doesn’t seem like a simple coincidence. Is about the only two tournaments that have been played in 2024 that do not belong to the LIV calendar.

The Spanish golfer explained to TenGolf and Movistar Golf his feelings after finishing the second round of the PGA Championship and he was self-critical: “I have made the mistakes, if you don’t take streets in this complicated field, and I have done enough to somehow save the return a little.” […] I’m surprised by how well he’s been playing in recent weeks. “I think it’s the first time I’ve been playing well and I ‘suffer’ as much on the field as I have these last two days.”.

The ‘León de Barrika’ saw a streak of 18 majors in a row making the cut, the best by an active golfer. The last time he didn’t get through was in the 2019 PGA. Without being an excuse, this tournament has never had such a low cut line in its history. In fact, the cut Neither David Puig nor Adrián Otaegui have managed to pass it, so Spain is left without representatives on a major weekend for the first time since the 1998 PGA.That is, 101 tournaments in this category later.

Today many remember that ‘Rahmbo’ is the second highest paid athlete in the world, only behind Cristiano Ronaldoaccording to the list Forbes made public this week. His critics will continue to remind him of his millionaire signing, at least until he wins a tournament again. But it is another type of data that needs to be analyzed. He has arrived at the PGA having played eight tournaments, including the Masters, and last year he arrived at Oak Hill more accomplished, with 11, and also after a triumphant streak. Jon himself expressed before the start of this second major of the course that he would have liked to play a PGA Tour tournament in January.

Depleted statistics

At a numerical level, we see that the Biscayan It has been difficult for him to get the ball onto the green, when he and Scheffler have dominated the ‘greens in regulation’ statistics for years, That is, getting the ball to the green in a smaller number of strokes. This usually directly influences the number of birdies achieved and the number of bogeys. Jon has made up a lot of ground in his shots around the green and his flow of birdies hasn’t been bad, but it hasn’t given him the chance to make the cut..

Multiple circumstances influence to explain this ‘slump’, but if we talk about this tournament, It all starts with the few streets that ‘Rahmbo’ has taken in Valhalla and the problems that arise from this. Nor can it be said that his statistics this year in the LIV of ‘greens in regulation’ and fairways are good, taking into account where the Spanish player comes from. That’s right, In the 54-hole league, after seven tournaments, he dominates in birdies made (110 and an average of 5.24 per round – 35 bogeys).

Beyond statistics, in Valhalla we have seen a Jon Rahm who seemed to get irritated too easily. It is true that he is a player with temperament and that he even brings it out on those days when things are going more smoothly but, whether he likes it or not, it has been a constant these two days. A player like Rahm can return to his level at any time, but so far the LIV-Major transition has not been positive at all. Of course, let’s remember that last year it was Scottie Scheffler who put the green jacket on Jon Rahm and who missed the cut in the PGA Championship. Not all years are the same.

You would have to ask Jack Nicklaus for the situation of the ‘Lion of Barrika’. Let us remember that just before the 2023 PGA Championship, when Jon came as the best in the world, he was supported by the ‘Golden Bear’ as a vintage player.: “Who is the closest to being the next Nicklaus or Tiger? Rahm, Rahm. I’ve followed him since he started. I’ve always thought he plays golf very intelligently. He plays a lot like me: from left to right, and with a lot of power. I like what he does. I like the way he does it. There is fire in him, which is good because it usually helps some golfers. They get angry and it destroys them, but Jon seems to help him instead.”

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