Las talk of Jon Rahm, in the press conference prior to his participation in the PGA Championship, about his desire to continue playing on the PGA Tour were harshly answered by former player Arron Oberholser, now working as a commentator on The Golf Channel.

“You’re going to tell me that you still feel like a member of the PGA Tour. I want to wring his neck through the TV, I’m that angry right now. “I am outraged,” Oberholser exclaimed.

Rahm had been clear when asked about his signing for LIV Golf. “Look, they keep saying ‘the other side’, but I am still a member of the PGA Tour, whether it is suspended or not. I still support the PGA Tour and think it’s an important distinction to make. I don’t feel on the other side. I just don’t play there […] “I’m going to say what I’ve always said, I hope we reach an agreement that is beneficial for everyone, but I don’t know what’s happening.”

You took 500 grand and you’re going to sit there and say you still feel like a member of the PGA Tour

Arron Oberholser

After listening to Rahm, Oberholser, winner of the 2006 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and fourth in the 2007 PGA Championship, exploded: “I’m outraged. You’ve taken 500 grand (in reference to millions of euros) and you’re going to sit there and say that you still feel like a member of the PGA Tour… Every player in that PGA Tour locker room should be absolutely disgusted with him.”

“To this day, he doesn’t understand it. This is a guy who wanted a position or wanted to be heard, from what I understand. Whether in a position on the board of directors or on the political board, I wanted to be heard on this whole issue before going to LIV. And I feel like he wasn’t listened to as much as he probably should have been, and now I’m glad he wasn’t in that position because he doesn’t understand it,” added Oberholser, who retired in 2013 because of the injuries sustained to the back and hand.

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