He PGA, the second ‘Major’ of the season, was never a favorable tournament for Spanish golfers. The famous curse of Bambino in baseball involved Babe Ruth and the Red Sox from MLB for 86 years. When the second ‘big’ of the golf season was played for the first time, in 1916the batting legend still played in Bostonthey had not yet transferred him to the Yankees for a bit

ado of dollars nor had the enchantment that prevented the

Red Sox

win the title for more than eight decades, from




. Well, as if it were a thing of witches, the ancient


He continues to resist even the myths of national golf. It is easier to see a meteorite fly over the peninsula.

The curse of the PGA

Sergio Garc�a

I stroked him in 1999 (he was second),


became fourth (2000) and the unrepeatable

Seve Ballesteros

It reached a fifth place best position (1984). At this point, who better than

Jon Rahm

to put all the ghosts in a bag and lock them in the closet of past frustrations. Water. For now,

2024 is not the year of the Basque golfer


didn’t make the cut

in the field quote




. Viking heaven was hell for Jon. Such a debacle has not happened in a ‘Grande’ since 2019. Crisis?

Worrying trend

If his performance in the


(40th ranked, the worst position in


of his luminous career), his failure in the PGA confirms that the change to


It’s not sitting well with him. The loss of competitiveness (from fighting for wins to fighting to make the cut) and the absence of titles (he has not won any tournament this year) could be compensated with his appearance in the

Forbes list

as the second richest athlete in the world after


. It’s a good boot, without a doubt. But in terms of greatness, for someone as capable, a unique player like Jon, it’s very poor just to amass money.


He left the PGA circuit, where they adored him, jilted. Nor do they welcome him there with open arms anymore.

It was ugly to “wring his neck”

. For now, embrace the


It was a bad blow.

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