Linn Grant, a Swedish golfer who has never won a major or even appeared, has two notches in history. In 2022 She became the first woman to win a mixed tournament when she won the Volvo Scandinavian and, on Sunday, in addition to adding the second title in these men’s and women’s events, she wrote the greatest comeback ever. s written.

His merit was throwing 65 shots that created an opportunity that seemed impossible. Grant had come out 11 strokes behind his compatriot Sebastian Sodenberg, a golfer who had made a bogey in three days. The 24-year-old golfer had had a great Sunday spent in water, which made the Helsingborg course even more difficult, which was also battered by the wind. Starting from tees further forward than the men, he had shot a brilliant 65, adorned with a chip on the last hole that meant the seventh birdie.

But the main culprit for Grant entering the books, above the catastrophes that Jamie Spence (1992 European Open) and Jean Van de Velde (British Open 1999) suffered, it was Sodenberg. He never felt comfortable, but his advantage was such that on the 12th hole, after not having birdied the last three par 5s, he still had a large margin: four strokes of advantage.

Almost in unison, Grant’s success came and two more blots from the winner of the 2019 Omega European Masters, two bogeys who left everything for the last hole with only one stroke ahead. With the second shot he went to the bunker on the right of the green and the ball was buried. The takeoff was decent, at seven meters. And the approach putt, which already led to the tiebreaker, was well thrown. 40 centimeters from the hole.

But Sodenberg was beside himself.. The orders that the brain sent to the hands seemed confused. He hit that easy shot for an amateur and the ball went all over the hole and was spit out. The image was painful, capable of exploding the head of the most calm golfer. Even if it is a Nordic.

David Puig will have to fight in the Games

The event reduced the rest that happened, with special impact for Spain. In search of finding the golfer who will accompany Jon Rahm At the Paris Olympic Games, Jorge Campillo (71 on the last day), was twelfth -eighth among men- and surpassed David Puig in the world ranking by three thousandths! The one from La Garriga, who plays LIV Golf and only scores in the Asian Tour and the majors, now needs to make the US Open cut next week to have the Olympic ticket and that Eugenio L�pez Chacarra will not finish in the top two. If Campillo enters, it will be his second Games after the Tokyo 2020 experience.

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