Francechampion of the HSBC Sevens Finals men’s and runner-up in the women’s, could be considered the great triumphant of the Madrid tournament, an event that was held for the first time and has turned out to be a great �xito and a accolade both to the capacity organizational of Spanish rugby as well as its possibilities of attracting an audience. Apart from sports, achieve permanence in the highest category.

On the final day, the 20,000 spectators both in the stands and in the Fan Fest adjacent to Civitas Metropolitan in what has long been the better entry into the World Series of the Olympic rugby category except, perhaps, Hong Kong, the cradle of them. The stands of Cape Town, Perth, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Singaporethe other stops of the same, have not offered anywhere near the appearance of those of the Metropolitano thanks to the local public and those expressly displaced to see the Finals.

Since the tournament is played two months ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games It is inevitable to read it in an Olympic key, and that reading ‘explains’ the French success. Since rugby is one of the king sports of the neighboring country, the rest has been taken care of. present a team aspiring to everything in Paris 2024. In the women’s competition they have managed to get involved in the classic duel between Australia y New Zealand. In the masculine they did the same with the ‘addition’ of the title before Argentinathe winners of the general classification of the regular season.

In the women’s semi-finals, France won 19-17 over the Canad� who had defeated New Zealand and forced them to play a semi-final with Australia. The ‘aussies‘ They in turn beat New Zealand by the minimum (21-19, with conversion of the last try in time elapsed after coming back from 0-19).

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In the final, France held the score until 7-7 at halftime. After Madison Levi, the star of the team and also of the World Series, scored three tries. The match closed with 26-7 for Australia. Portia’s New Zealand Woodnam managed to save the bronze by ‘avenging’ his defeat against Canad� with a 26-14. And it cost them because Canada kept their chances of winning until the final ball was stolen.

In the men’s final, the star Antoine Dupont I played little but aport� much in the clear French victory against Argentina. The albicelestes seemed to control a very f�sico until the end of the first part. Luciano Gonz�lez opened the scoring with a power try, but on the edge of half-time a French counterattack ended in a try Parezpowered by Jean Pascal and transformed because he put the Gauls ahead (7-5).

In Seven everything happens very quickly. Thus, at the beginning of the second half, the Argentine star Rodrigo Isgr� received yellow. In the time of inferiority Joseph I wrote down an essay and Shack He converted it for France. Paul Riva He scored again with one minute remaining, leaving Argentina with no time to react. The frustraci�n of the favorites was noted in some dangerous tackle and the expulsion of Rodrigo Isgr�.

The match for bronze saw the reissue of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic finals and the Cape Town 2022 World Cup finals. The triumph was, once again and as in the group stage, for Fijiwho won this time 17-10 to New Zealand. In the semi-finals France had beaten Fiji 21-14 with a great performance from Dupont while Argentina clearly won and demonstrated superiority over New Zealand also 21-14. However, he lost Pellandini, his midfielder, injured.

France, then, demonstrated in Madrid that Aspires to everything in Paris 2024. And that both men and women will see a great Olympic rugby tournament.



Phase 5 to 8. Semifinals: Ireland 19-14 Great Britain. South Africa 24-21 Australia.

Semifinals 1 to 4: Argentina 21-14 New Zealand, 14. France 21-14 Fiji.

7�-8� position: Australia 21-0 Great Britain

5�-6� position: Ireland 12-17 South Africa

3rd-4th place: Fiji 17-10 New Zealand

Final: France 19-5 Argentina.


Phase 5 to 8. Semifinals. Ireland 20-0 Great Britain. United States,31-0 Fiji

Semifinals 1 to 4: New Zealand 21-19. Canada 19-17 Canada

7�-8� position: Fiji 40-7 Great Britain

5�-6� position: United States, 27-14 Ireland

3rd-4th place: New Zealand 26-14 Canada

Final: Australia 26-7 France.

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