Federico Coria, Argentine tennis player, has reported on his social networks a robbery that he suffered with his partner at the Barcelona airport this Friday, May 31.

“They tricked us, they robbed us, they scammed us… it’s true,” Fede said in a video he posted on his TikTok account. Upon his arrival in Barcelona, ​​he rented a car with Flor, his partner. When they were both trying to lower the car seats to protect the suitcases, the thieves took advantage the moment.

“Flor saw something and when she got out of the car she saw someone running away and I started to hear screams from her, who had gone down the stairs chasing them,” says the number 49 tennis player in the world, who recognizes not having seen where they went.

“They took the backpack that had a lot of technology inside, also her engagement ring and her passport.”Coria admitted that he had his cell phone and passport in his pocket. But the thieves also managed to take a backpack of his in which he carried his rackets.

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